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I created this blog about self bondage to show other people how they can do self bondage safely. I also shared this information and my experience to make people happy and to show that it is normal to have a kinky side.

I have made this page through blogger and the links lead to some of my articles that are published on Triond.
Triond is a site that allows to people to upload images and articles, all the article and picture links on this page were created by me. So please no copying!

If you are new to self bondage then I suggest you take a quick look at this article: Self Bondage For Beginners.

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Release Methods

It is very important to have release methods when in self bondage, or you won't be able to get out of the bondage.

Ice release Method. - This release method is very simple and all you need is ice, key (for the handcuffs) and string.

Can release Method. - This is a very simple and practical release method for self bondage. You will need: string, key (for the handcuffs), a straw, an empty can and counterweight.

Clock Release Method - All you need for this self bondage release is a clock and the keys.

Combination Lock Release Method - This is a self bondage release method using a combination lock.

Silly Putty Release Method - A very simple release mechanism for self bondage using silly putty.


Safety is very important in self bondage, unlike bondage you don't have someone who can just release you from bondage if something happens (a fire for example).

You should never do self bondage with a heat source, candles for example. However you can have a heat source if you want if someone (who is not tied up) is with you.

A big killer in self bondage are some masks and gags, depending on the gag or mask depends on how dangerous they are. A penis gag for example is dangerous if you throw up as it will send it right back down! An inflatable  gag is also dangerous because you can only breathe through your nose. As for masks, the full bdsm leather mask is very dangerous it only has two small holes for your nose.
However if someone else is with you and can take them off you within a moments notice then you are fine and should have no fear of using them, but in self bondage it is just yourself so please be careful!

This is not meant to scare anyone off self bondage but everyday is full of risks, when you go in a car you take a risk, when you eat you are taking a risk, everything in life is dangerous.

Self Bondage, Rope Marks ~ An article explaining how you get and what to do about rope marks and rope burns.

Self Bondage, Chafing ~ This article explains how to prevent chafing and how to get rid of chafing marks when prevent fails.

Ssnakeggirl's Guide to Sex Toys ~  A very nice lady over on reddit has written up a guide on sex toys. The information is abusoluty golden and covers stuff from price to materials and how to clea them. Even if you aren't considering getting any sex toys it is still worth a read.

Self Bondage Positions

There are several positions that you can put yourself in the following are just some of them:

Self Bondage, Frogtie

Self Bondage, Hogtie

Improving Your Self Bondage.

This blog post is about making your self bondage sessions better.

When Self Bondage Gets Boring.

Improving Your Self Bondage Part I (Pain). 

Self Bondage, Now What?


I thought I would add this section for articles that don't go in the other topics but are still bondage related.

Self Bondage For Doms ~ Why would doms use self bondage? Is there any stitution when they would?

Difference Between BDSM & Bondage ~ Are there any real difference between bdsm and bondage or are they both the same?

Sleeping In Self Bondage? ~ Are you trying to sleep in self bondage or maybe you are wondering what it would be like or if you can even do it, well this is an article that explains it.

Why Do People Like Self Bondage ~ Exactly as the title suggests, in this article I will be going over a few the reasons that people like to do self bondage.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Self Bondage Gear

If like me you don't have a sex shop in your local area then you have to look online to get sex toys and it can be hard to find online adult stores that have a wide range and post inside the UK. I have only used LoveHoney and so that is the only online adult shop I am currently talking about. They have a wide range of goods from cuffs, t dildos, to clothes and even stuff like lube and condoms. They post your stuff in plain brown packaging and it is sent 1st class and they pay for postage.

Lovehoney generic

This is the butt plug that I have bought with LoveHoney (I should probably mention that I have never done anal before this) and I was very pleased with it. I also got a water based lube from LoveHoney as most silicone lube doesn't agree with silicone toys (if you would like more information on sex toys then scroll up to my safety post and there is a link to a guide about sex toys).
I have to say I expected some pleasure from the butt plug but some of my strongest orgasms have been because of this toy. Basically when you cum with the butt plug inside you it moves as your muscles contract and the butt plug rubs against your prostate which is an amazing feeling.